Pharmacy IVR systems are technologically advanced. Pharmacies are using them more and more as a way to offer convenience to customers. Known as interactive voice-responsive, the systems allow customers to get a significant amount of information simply by speaking to a computerized operator.

Obtain Store Hours
Customers will often need to know about store hours. If they can obtain this from an automated system, it is easier for everyone. You don’t have to tie up pharmacists for answering tedious questions. You also don’t have to put customers on hold simply because you don’t have the time to answer their question right away.

Request Refills
An IVR system will also allow customers to request a refill of their prescription via phone, text, or email. Once the request is made, the system will then provide an alert to the pharmacy so that the prescription can be added to the queue for processing.

Speak with a Staff Member
there are going to be instances when a pharmacy customer wants to speak to a staff member. This can be requested through the system so that they only speak to someone when it’s necessary. It will allow them to ask questions about how to use a prescription, side effects, and anything else that is concerning to them. It allows you to provide a higher level of customer service at the same time.

There are a variety of different IVR providers that can be used as an interface. The amount of convenience it provides is considerable, especially because it is for both the pharmacy as well as the pharmacy customer. You need to look at ways that will improve your systems and keep your pharmacy customers happier. Tapping into the new technology will allow you to achieve a variety of benefits. It’s simply a matter of determining what system will work best for you.

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