Placing ezine solo ads is a paid traffic strategy that can get you a quick rush of traffic. In this article, we’re going to relay a lot of what we know about placing solo ads. After reading this article, you should know how to write one and submit it to a publisher yourself. The first thing we’ll discuss is writing your solo ad.

Ezine Ad Length

Most publishers these days don’t want super long ads, so try to keep them around 200-400 words or so. Writing your biography isn’t a good idea when placing your ad, and almost all publishers will reject ads like this.

Ezine Ad Character Width

Make each line under 60 characters. If you make your lines more extended than this, most email programs will make readers scroll to the right to read them, and this will cause a mess. If I read an ad that forces me to navigate to the right, I write it off as unprofessional and delete it. I use a program called NoteTab Light (google it) which is free, and the lower left of this screen will show me how many characters each line is.

The other way you can make sure your solo and doesn’t go past 60 characters per line, creates merely a dotted line that’s 60 characters wide and place it above your ad. You know that right before your text passes this line, it’s time to hit the enter button and start a new line.

Write A Clean Title

Make sure that your title conveys exactly what your offer is about. If it doesn’t, you’re in jeopardy of not getting your email opened as much as you’d like to. A subject like “This is Tim with a hot offer” could kill your email open rates unless they know you personally. Also when we write titles, we personally always use initial caps, it seems to be working for us. However, it’s all about testing, and you can certainly test your ads both ways.

Write Your Ads In Text Format

Every ezine publisher we know prefers text ads. Writing a text and is still the most effective type of ad for our niche. They get opened and read more, and if you send an ezine publisher HTML code they’ll delete it right away, trust us. So keep your ads in text format and write out your URL’s in their entirety, starting with HTTP.

Only Include Your URL 1-2 times

We’ve seen ads with the same URL mentioned up to 7 times. This looks unprofessional and spammy. However, worse, it makes you look like you’re desperate for a sale. We’ve been testing only putting the URL once toward the bottom of the ad, right above our names, and bingo, our opt-in rates have been averaging about 32% or so on the last 5 as we ran. That’s about as high of an opt-in ratio as we can expect, and we’re pleased with this. If someone doesn’t want to click your ad, they won’t click it whether you put your URL in once or 15 times. Also, subscribers are smart these days, and placing your URL too many times tells subscribers your desperate.

Always Offer Something Free

Never go for the sale when creating your solo ad. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first reason is that you’ll only build your business correctly if you make a massive email list and develop a relationship with this list and gain their trust. Going for a one-off sale is just a terrible marketing strategy. On the other hand, offering something free like free information, a free report, free audio, a free webinar, you get the idea, will give subscribers a good reason to join your list. If the freebie you offer will solve their problem, you’ll be right in there with them.

Put Your Full Name At The Bottom Of Your Ad

We’ve seen ads with names like Ultra Fast Marketing, LLC in their signature where their names should be (this is a fake name, we’re just making this up for illustration purposes). People connect with people and not business names. So put your real name at the bottom of the ad, or at least the name you want to be called by.

Include A Takeaway

We usually use a P.S. statement to mention our takeaway. One we like to use is something like this. We’re only giving this information to a limited number of people as a marketing test. So if you want this information free, we suggest you get it now before we are forced to put a price tag on it. It seems to work miracles “for now anyway.”

Your Ultimate Objective

Your ultimate objective when placing solo ads is to run 1-2 ads for each ezine publisher you can find in your niche, and extract their best subscribers to join your list. If you have any other intentions than this, you might be going down a dark road. Of course, if you are running ads with a specific publisher and they are working, continue to run your same ad or variations of it until it stops pulling for you. the need for an internet connection is very necessary, for that use an internet package that is truly adequate, if your company grows and requires a large capacity internet connection you can also use Wholesale Solutions.

How Modern Solo Ad Publishers Work These Days

Your modern ezine ad publisher will guarantee you a certain number of clicks from their subscriber list depending on how much you pay them. This is a good thing. This means that if you can monetize this traffic and know you can make more than 50 cents per click, you can make a king’s ransom. The costs can range from 20-80 cents per click. More per click isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are lots of variables here such as how long the list has been around, the connection the ezine list owner has with the menu and more. Just look for testimonials on their sales page and judge for yourself.

but there is one thing that the authors usually ignore is data security, after all the writing you have done suddenly just disappears, it will make you very frustrated, to minimize such risks, use Data Recovery Malaysia to help secure your data.

Most of these publishers accept PayPal, so make sure you get a PayPal account set up first. Many of them these days are also accessible through Skype, so you can always chat with them and ask them any questions you may have. There’s a lot more to placing Solo Ads than we can mention in one article, but this information will get you started.

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