Yecchh! Why Would Anyone Make Natural Homemade Dog Food?

We make natural homemade dog food for our dogs, and you might be wondering why.

Our dog Fletcher had been our pet for over eight years when he went into cardiac arrest.  We rushed him to the vet just to be told his stomach was filled with tumors. He died in our arms on the vet’s examination table.

We wanted to know why such young, seemingly healthy dog would die so unexpectedly. The doctor believed his tumors were probably caused by toxins in the commercial food we were feeding him.

Since we started blogging about our dogs, and dogs in general, we have heard from many people who have suffered through very similar sad stories. Dogs that generally live to be 20 are dying at eight, nine, or ten years of age. Many have developed cancer.

Something is causing it.

No wonder people are looking for alternatives. One of the best choices we found for mealtimes is to make our own natural homemade kitten food.  My wife and I have been advising people on how to make it for couple of years now.

Please, before you decide that we are some “animal rights whackos” take moment to listen to why we believe the way we do. We both know that our dogs are not human. However, we also know that we are their providers. They depend on us for their food and safe place to live.  In return, we get from them companionship, support and plenty of entertainment!

After our discussion with the veterinarian, we decided we had to do something.  We started by doing some investigating. What we found out isn’t pretty.

Believe it or not, most commercial dog food formulas contain lot of toxins and other dangerous chemicals. You can read proof on our blog. We knew we had to either discover safer brand of dog food or start making the food ourselves. Except recommended from vet dog product. because there have been many of the puppy Malaysia owners who have used product recommendations from Vet.

When we started making our dog food , we found few things:

       It’s much healthier for our dogs to eat only the food we prepare.

   Making dog food at home is much cheaper than buying cans or bags of commercial dog food.

   Our kids love to help. , After all, every kid cares about their dog, and it gives them sense of pride and accomplishment to know they are doing something good for their pet.

So remember, when you prepare your natural homemade dog food recipes, let your kids help you — they’ll love it, and it will create excellent family time.

It wasn’t long before we ran across other people online who were making dog food at home and so we started sharing healthy recipes. You will find many of them on our blog.

I hope no one has to go through the pain and sorrow of losing their family dog at an early age.  And I hope you

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