While a job market has gotten considerably elaborate and expansive over the years, it has also become competitive. You often hear that how a job market is full of opportunities and whatnot but, one has to go through several phases to be able to score a decent paying job in Singapore. Also, the addition of jobs cuts, downsizing, and a large pool of job seekers add fuel to the competitiveness in the market. Employers are choosy with who to pick or which contender has the most referrals and recommendations so they could select him accordingly. It is not an easy process.

If you are considering entering a competitive marketplace then, you would have to keep up with the competitiveness. You can start with looking for jobs on Good Job Creations, and you can apply for a job as soon as you see an opening. You can visit goodjobcreations.com.sg to learn more about the famous job portal in Singapore. Until then, let’s have a look at how to get a job in today’s tough job market:

Address the bottom line:

When looking for a job, a job seeker should be able to address the bottom objectively, effectively, and professionally. With many job marketplaces in hot water, the recruiters are making sure to hire capable and professional members. When you are asked the most vital interview question “why should we hire you?” you should be straightforward and upfront about your answer without breaking the professional tone. Your response should be convincing rather than persuasive, and it should be able to convince the recruiter or interviewer to give you a chance.

Commit yourself to finding a job:

You cannot simply rely on one input to find jobs for yourself. You should strive and try incessantly to find a job that meets your qualifications and skills set. You should be updated on the latest job opening, so you could get yourself the job of your dreams.

Perform a reverse LinkedIn search:

If you are familiar with how a LinkedIn search to connect with leads or to expand your network then, you should try performing a reverse LinkedIn to divulge into job opportunities. You should start a LinkedIn search for the preferable job in the “people search” rather the job section. This search would yield a list of people who are working the jobs that you want to do and it would give a leverage to connect with these people on a broader level.   

Upskill your skills set:

If you are not able to score a job for any reason then, you should consider upskilling your skills to be able to get one step closer to your dream job. You can join online courses to improve your skills set or, you can consider enrolling yourself into training courses to improve your areas of expertise in a relevant field. It also gives you the opportunity to explore other areas of skills and qualifications to score a job of your dreams.

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