Utility poles are so common these days that most people scarcely even give them a second thought. However, even though they are not exactly at the forefront of anyone’s mind, they are still extremely important to the nation. Here are some interesting facts about treated utility poles to learn about.

1. Samuel Morse was essentially the inventor of what is now known as the network of utility poles which dot the nation. Before this, developers had tried and failed to install networks of underground telegraph lines. When these lines failed, Morse had the idea of stringing electrical lines overhead, where they would be out of the way and far more convenient. Since wood was so plentiful in those days, wooden poles made the most sense to use.

2. Experts are all in agreement that wooden utility poles offer the best bargain for what is gained. When considering the cost of using wood versus creating a pole from scratch using other materials such as metal, it is far cheaper to use wood. Plus the lifecycle of the wooden utility pole makes it far more cost-effective.

3. Wood is also considered the perfect pole material because of its thermal stability. Wood has naturally evolved over millions of years to become a material that has a low thermal expansion and is naturally low in conductivity.

4. The production aspect of manufacturing wooden poles makes it easily scalable to any demand situation. Whether demand quickly increases or suddenly drops, manufacturers of wooden poles can quickly gain their footing without fear of production snafus.

As can be seen in this article, there is really no reason to use any other material for utility poles than wood. It is reliable and can quickly be replenished. It is also good for the environment because it is so easily recycled.

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